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Italian Prune Plum Recipes

Italian prune plum recipes

For me, the appearance of Italian prune plums in the market signals the end of summer. As we say goodbye to summer, I thought I'd feature a couple of simple, time-tested dessert recipes for Italian prune plums. The first is a plum crumble by Marian Burros for The New York Times. It's a quick, easy dessert recipe that you can whip up in no time and pop into the oven while you're eating dinner. There is quite a bit of candied ginger in this recipe, which you can leave out if you don't care for ginger. I've also included a link to a gluten-free interpretation of the same plum crumble recipe.

The second Italian prune plum recipe, a plum torte, is also by Marian Burros for the New York Times. This recipe was originally printed in 1981 and has become something of a classic. Due to popular demand, this delicious and easy torte recipe has been reprinted by the paper again and again.