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barbecue dry rub recipes

barbecue dry rub recipes

A spicy dry rub adds zest to meat, fish and vegetables. Here is a selection of the best barbecue dry rub recipes from the most reputable sources on the web. When it comes to dry rubs, recipes are just a starting point. You can always personalize your dry rub by changing the proportion of the spices to suit your palette.

Classic Barbecue Dry Rub Recipes

Classic Barbecue Rub - for ribs, pork chops and tenderloin, chicken and catfish.
Texas Barbecue Dry Rub - for slow cooking with indirect heat for brisket, ribs, leg of lamb, or for a whole turkey or chicken.
Kansas City Dry Rub
Texas Steak Rub
Basic Barbecue Rub - a master recipe that can be adapted to make other dry rubs, from Steven Raichlen's "Barbecue Bible" website.
Rub for Baby Back Ribs
All Purpose Red Rub
Jim Goode's BBQ Beef Rub - for beef including ribs, roasts or brisket.
All South Barbecue Rub - a basic rub from "The Thrill of the Grill" by Chris Schlesinger.
Bruce's Barbecue Rub - for beef, pork and chicken, from the "Great Barbecue Companion" by Bruce Bjorkman.
Red's Dry Rub - a spicy Texas-style rub for meat, from Chile Pepper Magazine.

Cajun Dry Rub Recipes

Blackening Mixture for Fish
Cajun Blackening Dry Rub - for fish, chicken and vegetables.

Mexican Dry Rub Recipes

Mexican Spice Rub
Anchiote Paste - also known as recado colorado, from the Yucatan region of Mexico - for chicken, pork, fish, or seafood.

Mediterranean Dry Rub Recipes

Mediterranean Rub - for vegetables, lamb, fish, shellfish, poultry and pork.
Mediterranean Herb Rub - for boneless chicken breasts, turkey cutlets, skirt steak, lamb chops, shrimp, and striped bass.
Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme Rub - for roast potatoes, carrots, onions, beef, pork, chicken and hearty fish.

Asian Dry Rub Recipes

Tandori Dry Rub - an Indian rub for lamb, chicken, salmon or shrimp.
Asian Dry Rub - to replicate the taste of spicy meat skewers sold by Asian street vendors.

Other Dry Rub Recipes

Dry Chimichurri Rub - an Argentine herb rub for meat.
Lower East Side Pastrami Rub - to replicate the taste of spicy meat skewers sold by Asian street vendors.
Classic Steakhouse Rub