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gourmet file in the news
From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - Sunday, April 7, 2007


Food: One website to rule them all

gourmet file

So many food and recipe websites . . . it can be overwhelming. That's why a passionate home cook put together a new website, www.gourmetfile.com. At the site, Beverly Brown, who is also a professional photographer and painter, suggests what she considers to be the best websites for people who love to cook.

Frequently updated, this "cook's guide to the web" steers visitors to sites for recipes, ingredient sources, blogs, food writing, radio programs and podcasts, cookbooks, culinary vacations classes and more.

Under "Mega Web sites," with "thousands of recipes," for example, she listed six sites: Foodieview, Epicurious, Allrecipes, Food and Wine, Martha Stewart and Recipezaar.

Brown has adopted this shot of persimmons (above) as her site logo.

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