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gourmet file in the news
From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Wednesday May 2, 2007


Web site gives the dish on the best internet recipes

gourmet file

Tired of trying to wade through countless Internet food and cooking Websites?

Wade no more. The Gourmet File, www.gourmetfile.com, "sifts through the clutter of the Internet to showcase the best Web sites for people who love to cook," says the site's creator Beverly Brown. Gourmet File was borne out of her frustration with the hundreds of search results she'd get looking for cooking information on the Internet.

"You Google something and it's just impossible," says Ms. Brown, a New York-based commercial artist, painter and photographer, who does all the artwork and photography for the site (such as the asparagus at right). "It is overwhelming to find so many recipe sites."

Gourmet File sorts through it all for you. Click on "Japanese" under recipes and Gourmet File provides links to three Web sites featuring Japanese recipes. Click on "Italian" and the site offers links to four different Web sites featuring Italian recipes.

A self-described information geek, Ms. Brown likes organizing information useful to people who love good food.

In addition to recipes, the site offers information about ingredients and cooking supplies for various cuisines, cookbooks, radio stories and podcasts, food news and magazines, cooking classes and travel, and links to feed-the-hungry and sustainable food Web sites. "It's anything that cooks would be interested in and these are the things I'm interested in," she says.

Site users also can sign up for the free monthly e-mail newsletter.

By L.A.Johnson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (article link)

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