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eclectic & international recipe sites

eclectic & international recipes

There are some online recipe sites that are don't fit into a single category, but instead offer a point of view or a food philosophy. Here are some good ones.

leite's culinaria - A cross between a high-end cooking magazine & a blog with excellent articles, interviews, recipes and food resources. The site's recipe section showcases recipes from the latest cook books as well as top chef recipes from around the country. The site also features a collection of Portugese recipes.

mediterrasian - A cooking and health website dedicated to promoting the cuisine and relaxed lifestyles of traditional Mediterranean and Asian cultures. With a range of quick easy recipes that reflect the Mediterranean diet philosophy as well as Asian food traditions, this site provides health-conscious food lovers with delicious recipe ideas.

the worldwide gourmet - An online resource for sophisticated international food recipes presented in a well-organized format, searchable by ingredient, region and holiday.