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french food recipe websites

french food recipe websites

These French food recipe sites offer everything from traditional French pastry recipes to quick and easy French recipes for everyday meals. Bon appetite!

la tartine gourmande - A delightful blog filled with quick and easy French recipes with a contemporary twist by Bea, a French woman living in Boston. The blog is beautifully photographed, making all those French dessert recipes hard to resist.

jacques pepin The recipe website of the multi-talented chef, cookbook author and PBS cooking show star, Jacques Pepin. His website features over 300 free online recipes. A good source for quick and easy recipes for everyday to more challenging traditional French pastry recipes.

a la carte - A website from Peter Hertzmann, a man truly obsessed with French cooking. His site includes a large selection of free online recipes along with compulsively in-depth (yet very readable) articles about French food and ingredients.