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japanese food recipe websites

japanese food recipes

These sites will help you find free online recipes for Japanese food as well as information about food in Japan.

sushi faq - Free information about sushi, and recipes for sushi, sashimi & related Japanese food.

I was just really very hungry - A Japanese home style cooking website by Makiko Itoh, a Japanese expat living in Switzerland. Her site features simple, mostly vegetarin Japanese home cooking with appetizers, main courses and Japanese dessert recipes. Makiko also has a separate blog, just bento, dedicated to healthy bento box recipes.

lunch in a box - A blog dedicated to japenese lunch recipes written by an American mom, who lived in Japan for many years. An interesting source to find for recipes for school lunch. The site features recipes and resources for preparing Japanese bento box lunches for kids and adults. If you want to learn about the bento-obsessed online community check out this site's links page.

tokyo food page - Includes information about food in Japan, traditional and modern Japanese recipes food, and some good articles (in English) by Japanese food expert, Elizabeth Andoh.

umami information center - Recipes, news and food suggestions that center on umami, the "fifth taste," a feeling of smoothness attributed to, but not limited to, Japanese food.