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where to buy + information about sustainable food

farmers markets, organic food, sustainable agriculture & charitable giving

As we become more concerned about the state of our environment and our health, interest in sustainable food, organic gardening and humanely raised meat has grown tremendously. Whether you are looking for information about the slow food movement or want to find grass fed beef organizations that sell online - these websites will help you navigate the world of sustainable food.

where to by sustainable food

local harvest - A comprehensive directory sustainable food resources including farmer's markets and information about where to find community supported agriculture programs (CSA).

eat wild - An online resource connecting consumers to small scale farmers in their area who sell 100% grass fed organic beef and other chemical free meat, eggs and dairy products.

eat well - An online guide to help consumers locate local, sustainable and organic food in their area.

real milk - An directory of farms and other resources for where to buy raw milk on line.

niman ranch - An online source for naturally and humanely raised beef, pork, lamb, and smoked meats. Founded in the early 1970s, today Niman Ranch represents over 500 independent American family farms and ranches who use all-natural methods with no antibiotics or hormones.

heritage foods usa - An online shopping resource, specializing in "certified humane" and naturally raised meats. If you are looking for a heritage turkey for Thanksgiving, this is one of their specialties.

just food - A non-profit that helps consumers connect with community supported agriculture programs(CSA) based in NYC.

information about sustainable food

ethicurean - A blog about sustainable agriculture, food safety, and food policy.

what to eat - A blog by Marion Nestle, nutrition expert and author of the book What to Eat, offers insight about the latest news on nutrition, food policy, food safety and sustainable agriculture.

monterey bay seafood watch - The Monteray Bay Aquarium's consumer guides help you decide which seafood to buy and why. In addition to providing great information about safe sustainable seafood, this site offers free printable pocket-sized seafood guides as well as digital seafood watch guides which can be downloaded onto your cell phone.

blue ocean institute - An online guide to safe and sustainable seafood.

kid safe seafood - A resource to help parents make healthy seafood choices for their kids.

certified humane - A non-profit which establishes standards for treating farm animals humanely and offers consumers an online lookup feature to find where to buy humanely raised meat, eggs and dairy products.

cooking up a story - An online video broadcast about sustainable food & lifestyle. It features interviews with farmers, producers and cooks, along with recipes & cooking demonstrations.

mother earth news "real food" section - Offers articles about what to eat and where to find healthy, sustainable food.

slow food - A non-profit, international membership organization founded in 1989 to "counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people's dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world."

oldways- A food issues think tank dedicated to preserving traditional food patterns, sustainable agriculture, and healthy eating and drinking.

food news - Helps consumers decide when to spend the extra money on organic produce by publishing a list of 43 fruits and vegetables rated by pesticide content.

seed savers - A non-profit organization dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds and plants, in an effort to preserve the world's increasingly fragile garden heritage.